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The Virgo Saga takes place within our Virgo Supercluster, where an intergalactic government, known as the InterGalactic Alliance, is e stablished in 2955, by the planets of the Milky Way Galaxy, the planets of Andromeda, and the planets of the Triangulum Galaxy. The InterGalactic Alliance was established 44 years after Earth's first revolutionary FTL (Faster-Than-Light) spaceflight. With the launch of the exploration vessel, the Humans began to colonize many planets within our Milky Way Galaxy, eventually making contact with the Hydrosians in 2942 and the Aquinoxians in 2945, respectively. Eventually, by 2948, the humans had expanded all the way to the Magellanic Clouds. Throughout their journey, the humans formed alliances with many more species. These relations had expanded by 2955, and by the time the humans returned to Earth, a motley group of alien delegates followed not far behind them. At the former UN Secretariat Building in New York City, the delegates signed the Declaration of Alien-Human Friendship and Cooperation and officially established the Alliance's predecessor, the Galactic Federation. Almost immediately after, the Great Galactic Expansion (2955-2999) began, with the Federation gaining a near complete foothold on the Virgo Supercluster in 2985. During the same year, the Federation reoganized itself, thus establishing the InterGalactic Alliance.

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